A game made by me during in between my studies at KTH.

The game explores the space of RANDOMLY GENERATED levels, graphics and music, as well as making a basic platforming game.

This is a Javascript port of the original Java game, using PixiJS and MIDI.js.


Space to place a block.

Place block

Arrow left/right to move.

Arrow up to jump.

Hold ctrl to run faster and jump higher.

Pro tip: hold down ctrl at all times!


Hold arrow down to charge for a super jump when released.

Charge jump

While sliding down a wall, jump and steer away from the wall to perform a wall jump.

Wall jump

Outcomes and lessons learned

Revisiting this game after about five years gave much insight in the art of game making and what I still don't know about it. Here is a short summary


The MIDI.js library simulates a MIDI environment using the Web Audio API. Since there was no soundfont for the Percussion part of the standard GM1 synth I had to create one. The soundfont along with all the sampled sounds can be found on GitHub:

More games

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